Ruslana Pysanka lost 20 kg in weight

Well-known Ukrainian actress and TV hostess has been actively losing weight for almost a year. And the entire country can see the results.

As we wrote in «Lady Mail.Ru», Pysanka started a video blog, in which she focuses on healthy weight loss methods and shares her own results. By the way, anyone can join the celebrity and start online community on a special website of the project “I am slim”.

So these days, Ruslana decided to sum up a little and boasted that during the lifetime of the project she had lost more than 20 kg without dieting, but only thanks to her healthy lifestyle. “I made a decision. This time I want to finish with my extra kilos, lose weight, stabilize it and fix it forever! “- commented the actress.

By the way, Ruslana is not going to stop, and will continue getting rid of extra pounds until  she feels comfortable. Well, we`ll follow the further experiment.




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