15th Annual Webby Awards Nominees & Winners

The world-known Webby Awards is one of the most famous and prestigious awards, annually awarded to the best Internet projects. International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences annually organizes this event. The laureates are selected not only by the jury, but by popular vote.

The list of nominees, as always, was huge – 150 applicants. Some of the  nominated on several awards: for example, the New York Times was noted in 18 sections.

So, lucky this year were … Darling mobile-casual sensation Angry Birds, released by Rovio, named the best game for handhelds. Game Lego Star Wars III Best become recognized as the best gaming web resource. “The most interesting front page” was showed up at the site of LEGO, but “for the brilliant use of the photos” was awarded the website National Geographic.

And the best photo resource became the site National Geographic,too.

Canadian YouTube-emerald Justin Drew Bieber  became the chief comedian of the year. Zach Galifianakis didn’t remain unrewarded, too. He became the brightest Web Person of the Year. Comedy Resource Funny or Die collected eight prizes, beating even such a mastodon, as New York Times, who collected only three nominations.

You can get more information about the  Webby Awards Nominees & Winners here.

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