What utensils are used for eating seafood? How to eat seafood?

Fish served as a whole, is considered one of the most difficult  meals to eat. Pickled or salted herring, smoked hot hot or cold fash, eel are solid enough and therefore they require the use of conventional snack knife and fork. Stewed, boiled, fried fish is eaten fish a special instrument.

Cutlery for the seafood

Fish knife according to the rules of etiquette  is not used to cut in the literal sense of the word. With its help you separate and push fillets. You can not eat fish with the help of special cutlery, you need two table forks: fork, which is held in the right hand, you remove the fillets from the bones, and a fork, which is held in the left, you bring the meat to your mouth. Small bones in the fillet can be found only in the mouth.  According to the rules of etiquette you take them out with a fork and place them at the far edge of the plate.

Fork for sprat and sardine is a convenient tool with four teeth barred. It shifts a small fish (sprats) at your plate, so that they remained intact, not broken. Fork for seafood and oysters has two teeth. It is easy to open and extract oyster.

How to eat caviar

How to eat caviar?

Caviar is served in a glass placed in a silver or german-silver vase with crushed ice. In special occasions the caviar is served in the form of frozen ice vases. With caviar croutons are served. Impose the caviar with a spatula or spoon on your toast and eat. Most often spawn – grainy or Pressed – is eaten with butter. Therefore, take both on a plate. Take a piece of bread to your left hand and a knife – to the right, spread a little butter on the bread, and put some caviar on it. Prepared small sandwich should be put into your mouth with your left hand.

Shrimps are not difficult to cope with!

Most often at dinner parties and away we find shrimps. They are brought to the buffet or before a reception as a snack. As usual large specimens are chosen and people pierce them with toothpicks. Giants are taken the whole, pre-dipped in sauce standing nearby.
If large prawns are served as a main course, they are eaten with a knife and fork, first disconnect the head and tail, the middle part is watered with lemon juice and eaten, cutting the pieces.

The most difficult task will stand in front of you, if the table is with unpeeled shrimp. Take them behind their head, grab for the thickest part of the tail and turn it slightly to open the shell, then reach for the meat with a fork. Leave shells on the edge of a plate or saucer, filed specifically for debris.
Similarly, you can handle with the lobsters, breaking off its head and taking out the meatwith an oyster fork.


Crayfish, Sir!

Crayfish is served floating in the water in which they were cooked or taken out of it and laid out on a platter. To the right of it you will find an unusual knife with a hole. This device is needed to crack the shell of the crayfish, and then you  insert the claw into the hole, and push harder to break it. After all these almost surgical maneuvers begin the meal:  eat  slowly and suck the meat from the claws and legs.Then, turning back the miracle river creature, and take out the meat from it.

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Fork for the oysters!

Small tweezers designed for chopping bowls and fork for oysters will help to deal with mussels elegantly. Open the refuge of the shell, take it with your right hand, raise it to your mouth and suck like mussel sauce.

If there is only meat, so pick it with your fork. The rest of the sauce from the plate can be finished with a spoon.

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