Facebook Became the Most Blocked Website in 2010


Facebook became the most blocked web site in 2010

Facebook became the most blocked web site in 2010


OpenDNS has submitted the list of web sites which are most likely to be in the black list of companies and their employees. Facebook won the first prize, as far as this social network is blocked by 23% of employers and 14.2% of individual users. The report contained the statistics for 2010.

Among Facebook,  employers usually block also   MySpace, another popular social network, broadcaster  YouTube, advertising service DoubleClick and microblogging service Twitter, which was blocked by  4.2% of the companies in 2010.

These five sites often fall into the “Blacklist” or become blocked by individual users at their workplaces. This fact is related with the concern of staff about the privacy of their personal information. By the way, Twitter is blocked by 2.3% of users, which is twice more than the site of Playboy.com.

It’s astonishing that  Facebook took the first place not only in the black, but also in the so-called “white list” of sites.

The “white list” contains the resources to which the access is still left, while the certain amount of similar sites is blocked. 12,6% of employers allow to leave  Facebook, thus closing the access to other social networks. The leader of the “white list” is Youtube (12,7%), it is followed by  Gmail, Google.com and the Google Translate.