Capitalization of Facebook surpassed Amazon

According to SharesPost capitalization of Facebook, the world’s largest social networking site,  is $ 82.9 billion, and it has increased by 40% since December 2010 .

The capitalization of Amazon company  inferiors the capitalization  of  Facebook. Today only Google exceeds Facebook at market value. The market value of  Google today has reached  $ 192 billion. Last year the capitalization of Facebook surpassed online auction Ebay.

The capitalization of Amazon stands at $ 77.2 billion now, while the company’s shares on Friday fell in price by 7,2%.

Traders said that demand for the shares of Facebook is growing due to the fact that advertisers are putting more money into advertising in the network, and this implies the growth of its financial performance. The analyst firm EMarketer estimates that in 2011 the company’s revenue from advertising sales  will reach $ 4.05 billion.

Recently the Securities and Exchange Commission issued the decision, according to which Facebook will have to publish their financial performance in open success. This is due to the fact that the social network has a lot of outside investors who even don’t know about company’s financial results.

Commission believes that the Company will be legally obliged to share information about their finances.The letter, containing the relevant decision has already been spread among the major Facebook  shareholders . Facebook has recently published some data concerning the finances of the company. According to these data, net income became one-third higher than it had been  expected by analysts.

Analysts estimate the Capitalization of Facebook at $ 50 billion.