Germany sends tank battilion to Ukraine. Video

Europe was silent for a long time and only indignant. Today on YouTube video appeared with German tanks. As reported by a reliable source Merkel sent elite Panzer batalyon in Eastern Ukraine. It is not just a word – it’s military support of Europe.

Perhaps this reaction is not Germany alone, and team leadership of NATO. Earlier, NATO commander said publicly that they will see the presence of Russian military equipment in Eastern Ukraine. Strangely, they did not notice it before?

Germany enjoys prestige among the European community. There is a chance that the other leaders of the European Union will helps not only with words but also in deeds. We need military support. Europe owes defend Ukraine.

Tanks is a powerful weapon. The trouble is that in Ukraine there are not many. Another problem is the lack of professional soldiers. Must be able to drive a tank. You can learn how to ride this week. But the battle to lead strategically correct – this is the Art of war.

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