How to organise a perfect wedding party in a month?

Wedding – is an event that should be perfect as it happens once in a lifetime. How much time does it take to organize a wedding? Of course, everything depends on the budget of the wedding, the number of guests, location and other factors. The standard time of preparation for the wedding in Europe and the United States comprises about six months. If you lack time but want a perfect wedding party, you should follow the instructions below and then enjoy the days to the fullest. If it has turned out that you have a month to organize a wedding, the last thing you should do is to panic. be calm and reasonable and you will cope with everything in time.

Wedding party includes a number of points no one expects to deal with till get involved up to the head. All the details are necessary and you should think of the clothes, food, place, music, flowers, decorations, vows whatever. The month will pass quickly but with the help of your partner you are sure to prepare everything. One thing that can be done with no fuss of yours is the official registration in the local office because you can come there even wearing jeans, they will marry you in any case. Though you can order a special ceremony fot extra fees, either in the building or any other place you will boast later.

How to organise a perfect wedding party in a month?

  1. We assume that you are officially maried, so the first step is to determine the wedding budget, wedding style and the overall picture of what you want to get. Of course, the theme of the wedding costumes and scenery should be discussed, but whether it is a classic wedding or in Shabby-chic style, it is not too late to make this dream come true.
  2. Distribute all the stages and tasks for the wedding for both of you and, if possible, attract mates – relatives, close friends, or wedding organizers. They will help the bride to choose wedding dress, wedding stylist, bridal bouquet, florists, cake, restaurant for wedding and wedding coordinator. The groom must be given a helping hand in ordering limousine or other transportation, choosing a photographer and alcohol, if it is not offered by the restaurant itself. Do not forget to buy engagement rings, discuss the menu for the wedding and entertainment program.
  3. Determine the range of potential locations for the wedding party, start phoning them. The closer the wedding season is, the more difficult it isl to find a vacant restaurant. Be prepared to drive up to the restaurant to sign the contract and make the reservation the same day, otherwise you will have to lay the table at home. And if the restautant is far from the place you live, order a bus or other means of transport to bring guests there.
  4. Once you have chosen and booked a restaurant and approved menu, arrange the photographer. Beautiful wedding photography – it is something that must stay with you forever in addition to your own memories, so it’s better to spend an extra day or two choosing a wedding photographer thoroughly, than being in a hurry and accept the first unoccupied one. Do not forget to look through the potographer’s portfolio to understand whether the quality of the picture will not become an awful surprise after the party.
  5. Do not waste time talking with experts who are trying to impose their opinions. It would make sense if you were left for several months but not when you have a month. You have been looking forward for this perfect day for so long that might have figured out the slightly detail of the party. Believe in yourself, your partner and in the mates helping you. They want this day being perfect too. And be sure you will organize a delightful wedding that even the helpers will be surprised.

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