In anticipation of Jon and Daenerys meeting in “The Game of Thrones” 7th season

The HBO channel announced the release date for the 7th season of the cult series “The Game of Thrones”. This was done with the help of a broadcast on the Facebook channel, which was already dubbed “chaotic”: the users watched for an hour at the snow cube, at the fireballs from the mouth of Bran Stark and the wink of Jame Lannister. As a result, they waited: the season starts on July 16, 2017.

Also, the authors noted that the seventh season will be three shorter series than the previous ones. So, instead of ten episodes, fans will see only seven.

What can we expect from Season 7? Macy Williams recently reported on Twitter that she had read the script, and it will be something. Recall, in the final of the sixth season of Cersei Lannister, blew up Septa to the devil and all who were in it. King Tommen, seeing the explosion and realizing that his beloved queen Margery was dead, went out the window. In the meantime, Jon Snow has returned Winterfell, and Sansa fiercely punished Ramsey Bolton. Ah, yes: we also officially learned that Jon is Targaryen.

We are waiting for in the new season: the meetings of Jon and Daenerys, the meetings of Targaryens with Lannisters – and the epic war. This, in fact, promises us and a fresh teaser of the season.