Independently, the Republics will not be able to defeat Ukraine

Former leader of the “the militias” DNR Igor Girkin urged not to spare the civilian population and to fight.

“Understand that war is war. And in this war is necessary to achieve victory. Those who in advance will make up for the interests of the civilian population to the detriment of the interests of the military, he can not win. Unfortunately, this is the case”, – said Girkin in an interview with Russian state agency “Russia Today”.

According to him, to win, fighting a half or a quarter impossible.

“The population has suffered and will suffer as long as there is war. Rather than the war is over, the sooner end the suffering of civilians“, – said Girkin.

He also considers that on their own “republics” can not prevail against Ukraine.

Strelkov recorded a video message to the Russian authorities, where he asked for all assistance “the militias.”

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