Laying a table in a restaurant – what are the main rules of the table set up?

A certain order is observed in the table layout: in the beginning put faience or china, then stack devices and after that put crystal or glass. Glasses, wine glasses, shot glasses, are put on a table holded by a foot.

Laying of tables happens various depending on nature of service: a breakfast, a lunch (today’s or portion specials), evening service (according to portion price-list), service of banquets according to made menu.

Dіffеrеnt ways of sеrvіng thе tablе.

For a breakfast on a table put:

-vase with tissues (or put linen),

-bread plate,

-give a knife and a fork for snackbars,


Bread plate is put to the left of that place where there has to be a dining room or a snack plate. The fork is put at the left with horns up, a knife — on the right, an blade from the place used for a table or snack plate to the left. The teaspoon is put behind it. Snack plates don’t put on a table because breakfast meal are already laid on the corresponding plates .They need to be given if snack or a dish for breakfast are brought in a salad bowl from which it isn’t acceptable to eat.

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For service in the afternoon according to the menu put on a table:

-standing plate and on it — snackbar,

-to the left of it — a bread plate,

-between them — a table fork,

-to the right of a plate put a table knife and to the right of a plate put a table knife and a spoon (table or dessert);

-the wine glass is put ahead, behind a table knife.

On a table have to be also a vase with tissues or linen napkins which put on snack plates and spices. Distance from the table edge to handles of cutlers and a snack plate is 2 cm, and to bread is 5 cm. Snackbars or table plates put only in that case when plates served from which it’s not acceptable to eat.

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Laying tables according to the portion menu for each visitor:

-precisely against a chair put a snack plate at distance of 2 cm from the table edge,

at the left, in 5 – 10 cm put bread

-between them put snack and table forks horns up,

-on the right of a snack plate put two knives: table and snack with blade to a plate.

-behind a snack plate more to the right put a wine glass;

-put a napkin on a plate. The emblem or brand of restaurant on plates has to be turned to the guest.

-in the middle of a table put salt and pepper.

In the center the vase with the flowers is also put.

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Festive table

We do not lay the festive table every day. But even with home and improvised means, respecting the rules adopted in the choice of serving dishes, flower decorations and other decorative attributes, you can “dress up” еру table, create a unique atmosphere.
1. Spoon for the first dish with a fork and knife for the second course.
2. Cutlery for dessert: fork for cakes and pastries,  spoon for mousses and puddings, coffee spoon.
3. Spoon for sugar.
4. Knife-fork for cheese – used when the cheese is not sliced but served as a piece.
5. Butter knife.
6. Cutlery for fish – used for second course fish dishes.

If you are going to have  gala lunch or dinner, you definitely need a tablecloth. In order not to spoil the table with second course dishes and the tablecloth does not slip and the devices don’t chatter  – you need to lay a flannel cloth or the tablecloth from rubberized fabric. Cloth must be clean and ironed. White tablecloth looks very elegant and festive. A colorful, checkered and pattern look funny and relaxed, so you can use them for less festive occasions and informal receptions.

To lay a tablecloth in a right way you need that the corners of the tablecloth covered table legs and hung by 25-30 centimeters. At the round table a tablecloth must hang at least 25 centimeters. Often the table is “dressed” in two tablecloths: basic, big, and a small on top of it. In this case, a small tablecloth covers the table surface. If the cloth is not present or you don’t have such a significant event, just pieces of cloth or cradle may fit. Today you can buy or make a stand made of plastic, wood, cork, rubber and other materials of various shapes and colors. It all depends on us and our imagination.

The highlight of the table

All the cutlery is arranged but what we will eat? At home celebrations it is accepted to put food on the table with refreshments and starters immediately. At receptions and parties banquet or buffet table is also layed. Usually, all dishes are beautifully decorated with greens and vegetables. Snacks, beautifully laid out and placed on the table, are more impressive than the correct serving. You can make a flower or a fungus from vegetables. Sausages and meat can also be turned into a pattern or figure.

Even if you get lost in all the fork and knifes, pour the juice in the wrong glass, but if you charmingly smile, maintain a witty conversation and show youe wit and imagination – a lunch or dinner will be pleasant to all. So it is necessary not to forget the main thing – a good mood!

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