Leo Messi opened official homepage at Facebook

Leader FC Barcelona, Leo Messi on the eve of the match with Shakhtar in the Champions League has opened his official homepage at Facebook and it already broke the record for a social network. Within 24 hours of Leo fans were almost 6.7 million users! This number continues to grow.

Messi became the fifth player in Barcelona, who opened his own page on Facebook. Previously, it did Gerard Pique (1,400,000 fans), Andres Anesta (4,9), David Villa (1,1) and Pedro (150 thousand).

Interestingly, the fans of FC Barcelona in Facebook are 12 million users – but this time the existence of a page. Messi also scored in the first half of the day!

At Manchester United – 11.5 million fans, the “Real” – 10,9. This – the leaders. At Shakhtar, for comparison, 7500 users, the “Carpathians ” – 1300, Dnipro – 196 …

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