Mobile Marketing and Application of QR-Codes

R-Codes – a relatively new channel reports marketing messages. And as it turned out, especially convenient for mobile marketing.

Come up with QR-code for the Japanese track (tracking) the passage of parts of cars on the pipe. In fact, QR-Code – is one form of 2-dimensional codes that allow compact encrypt information and easy to read her special device – a reader or readers (tracing the English QR-Reader).

The role of the reader can perform almost any modern mobile phone with camera, if you install a program on it. Such programs under a lot of different models of mobile phones, smartphones, communicators. Most of these programs are absolutely free:

Mobile Marketing and Application of QR-Codes

Mobile Marketing and Application of QR-Codes

Translated QR stands for “Quick Response or Answer.”

From a marketing standpoint, we are interested, of course, answer or response to our marketing message. So, if you create (generate) QR-code, we can already lay in this code are many versions of “pre” action that will occur when code read by mobile phone.

For example, we can easily put in the code of the following options:

  • Go to link to Web-site
  • Add this site to bookmarks
  • Dial a number
  • Send SMS
  • Send e-mail
  • Add a contact card in a notebook cell phone
  • Create a reminder in your calendar
  • Make a link to a map google map
  • Make a link to a map bing
  • Set GEO coordinates
  • Make a link to search for products for Android applications
  • Make a special link to YouTube for the iPhone
  • Obtain and encode the last tweet Users
  • Show user profile twitter
  • Create a tweet link
  • Start a chat with BlackBerry users
  • Connect to a WiFi network for Android
  • Display any text, such as code or coupon discounts or special offers

Perform or not incorporated in the code of the action, of course, solves the user please read our QR-code with the encrypted messages it contains.

Anyway, we greatly simplifies the task of responding to it – no need to enter the link address to a relatively uncomfortable keyboard cell phone, or do not need to memorize a discount code – it is already on the phone!

Try typing in a search engine the phrase “QR Code” – pictures – and you will be simply amazed at the number of possible places and ways to accommodate these funny boxes. From tattoos to t-shirts and cufflinks, pillars, posters, books, magazines and even a huge number of options.

And you will be able to figure out how to apply to the use of this trendy channel for your business?

In any case, good luck and successful mobile and non-mobile marketing!