Lifestyle blogger: The Dynamics of Life

It’s no secret that a lifestyle of creative people differ from the classic “work-home-work.”  To be effective and productive, the bloggers is vital energy, passion and drive.

You can find the energy and inspiration from internal resources: family, loved one, friends. Can ignite “a spark of creativity”  in yourself and immerse yourself in a state of creativity.

But we should not limit ourselves because all around us – a world full of interesting people, beautiful places and adventures! And if you travel and take a break from routine is useful to every blogger, the dynamics of life is necessary as air.

Level of immersion

When we do not just read a book, record or watch a video stream, and leaving the familiar environment and go to the event, the level of immersion and perception is completely different.

Reading the book, we can still think about her, watching broadcast in parallel to do another 2-3 case.

But when we drove hundreds of miles and paid a decent amount to listen to a lecture, we catch every word and every gesture of the lecturer. This effect was achieved only in the offline, just outside the usual places, just outside the usual circle of acquaintances.

New people, dating, communication

Even if we do not take into account the personal acquaintance with the right people, building a network of links and useful contacts, just communicating with people with similar interests can bring a lot of good.

Who are your top 5 friends? Often the terms of our communication consists of good people, but too dissimilar to you: other interests, occupation, outlook on life. And leaving the seminar, conference or simply profiled parties, we can feel in a circle of associates.

And while we should not forget that each person carries a separate little world, and contact with the world, with a simple communication, can give us energy and inspiration.

Idea, discovery, awareness

I’ll bet on anything: if you have difficulty in finding new ideas, you just pick the right situation, and you will cover a flood of creativity.

Communicating with interesting people, you can discover new possibilities and prospects. What you might not suspect your home or office, with his head immersed in the work.

Just immerse yourself in a new environment, you can check the strength of your convictions, projects, or the relevance of knowledge. Much better to realize that “I know that I know nothing”, than to live in a world of illusions own perfection.

Development, personal growth

From my own experience I can say: that I put myself in the plan for execution, while on interesting events, coming home, often scares his ambition. Thus, we can go beyond, to take a step toward better jobs, greater popularity, greater self-realization.

Being in a new place with new people is very easy to make something new, unusual, something we ashamed, afraid or can not afford in familiar surroundings. And having decided this, we make a huge leap in development.

I suggest to you, dear reader, now to plan and respond to myself: where and with whom you will spend the next weekend to go next month, which places you can visit this year? And what’s new and interesting to learn there?

Lifestyle blogger: The Dynamics of Life

Lifestyle blogger: The Dynamics of Life