National Bank has equalized hryvnia’s official exchange rate with the market rate

On February 5, the National Bank cancels an indicative rate. Such a step will make impossible the existence of the “black market”. In general, bankers supported the initiative. It is not excluded that now the currency will appear in the exchange offices. Economists are not unanimous.

Some of them believe that the hryvnia thus be strengthened. Others are convinced that the market may react by further decline of the national currency. In addition, it is unknown how perceive innovation International Monetary Fund and whether there is a reasonable price for new exporters. In addition, it is unknown how the International Monetary Fund will perceive this innovation and whether theis price is reasonable for new exporters.

Today, according the rate of the National Bank, the dollar has risen in price by 48 copecks, it costs 16 hryvnias 72 copecks. Trading on the interbank market closed with marks 16,90-17,10 UAH. for one dollar, euro also rose – to 19,27-19,50. At the same time, commercial banks offer to buy green currency for 17,01 hryvnias, euro – for 20 hryvnias 59 copecks.

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