New York YouTubers: Casey Neistat, MakeUpByCamila, Kaileemckenzie, DomMazzetti, DominicFear. Try not to watch!

This one is about one of the most interesting and popular topics in our days. The YouTube and its stars, especially those ones which are from the New York.

There is no point in telling you what the YouTube is. As an active user of the Internet, you probably visit or just see this site every single day. We attend the YouTube in order to get a new portion of fresh videos. We get there what we like the most or something that we need. It can be whatever: makeup videos, cooking videos, travel videos, pranks, science videos, inspiring videos, social-oriented videos, funny or even silly videos, some relaxing kind of videos, different tutorials, experimental videos and whatever you want. The list is unimaginably endless because on YouTube channels you can find practically everything you want.

Last years there has been such a ballyhoo around the famous YouTubers. Such YouTube celebrities are in every corner of the Internet. They have captured even popular social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc. When you think that there is nothing else that could be interesting today, these people prove you every day that there is something that can incredibly amaze you. That is why when we get into their channel trap we can sit there for hours.

And now, we are going to meet some of the most popular, the most interesting and the most talented New York YouTubers. Some of them you may know, some of they not, but all of them certainly deserve your attention.

  1.  Casey Neistat
    This guy will definitely steal your heart. Why? Just watch his videos and you will see. Casey has really interesting and different types of videos on diverse themes. He has videos about traveling, about making some useful and unusual stuff, he is also like riding a bike so you can find some interesting videos about bike trips too, also some adventure movies and inspiring videos are there. This guy respects his audience a lot. Check out his best videos right now.
  2. MakeUpByCamila
    As you have guessed, this is about some beauty stuff. This beautiful girl represents a lot of high-quality videos. They are the makeup tutorials, some fashion videos, beauty advises, hair tutorials, videos about stunning looks, product reviews and the other. As you can see she is a really hard-worker. She makes a hugely wide range of videos and always of a worthy content.
  3. Kaileemckenzie
    This girl is one of the college YouTubers. She is young and full of energy. She films really diverse videos about every-every-everything. You can find there whatever: beauty videos, health videos, school videos, fashion education videos, diaries, videos about New York and its community everything that interests every teenager.
  4. DomMazzetti
    This channel is about the healthy lifestyle. This sturdy guy will tell you how to keep your body fit, strong and attractive. You will get useful advises how to train yourself and start your life from a new page. Don’t miss the opportunity to get the body of your dream. Join the Dom and his massive audience of healthy lifestyle fans.
  5. DominicFear
    For those who loves comedy videos. This guy certainly knows what he does. He has a great imagination and sense of humor as well. This “classically trained” NYU-undergrad has mastered short films, animations, and sketch comedy, and even nabbed the top award at the NYU National Film Festival. He’s certainly a talent to watch and until graduation, an NYC local indefinitely. You will love his videos don’t even have a doubt.

Hope it was interesting and joyful for you. We tried to find the best New York YouTubers that are worthy of your attention. Go head to check out and subscribe.