Top 5 places where to go after The Revolution concert in the New York.

Now don’t ignore visiting places of interests that definitely worth of seeing it. During your attending the city to see The Revolution concert, visit our top of 5 places where to go as well.

  1. AMC Village 7
    It is a nice cinema to spend your evening by watching a great movie. Experience the difference of AMC amenities. From spacious rocking seats to luxury recliners, innovative menus and premium offerings like IMAX, Dolby Cinema, and Prime at AMC, AMC Theatres offers a range of ways to get more out of movies. Kick back end enjoy the show from a luxurious power recliner. Select your seats when you buy your tickets online, on their mobile app or at the theater as well. Feast your eyes on the mind-blowing RealD 3D experience at AMC. Using a new digital approach, you can watch movies with amazing depth and clarity, without sacrificing comfort.
  2. Washington Square Park
    Great place to sunbathe, lunch, walk around, watch performances, listen to the live music. No matter what season, it’s always great to take a walk through this park.  Well-known for its arch, honoring George Washington, the man for whom the park is named, and its fountain, the arch’s elder by 43 years and a popular meeting spot, Washington Square Park also houses several other monuments and facilities.
  3. Museum of the American Gangster
    If you’re interested in the stories of American Gangsters and true crime overall you know where to go. If you are not – nevermind, this unusual place will interest everyone who attends the museum. Dive into the history with high knowledgeable guides.
  4. Merchant’s House Museum
    Through public programs and exhibitions, restoration of its landmark building, and conservation of its original collections, the Museum educates the public about the domestic life of a wealthy merchant family and their four Irish servants, 1835-1865, when the mercantile seaport of New York City emerged as a growing metropolis. Considered one of the finest surviving examples of architecture from the period, the Merchant’s House has been recognized as a National Historic Landmark (one of only 2,400) and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. In New York City, it has been awarded landmark status not only for its 1832 late-Federal brick exterior but also for its Greek revival interior rooms. Of note, the House was among the first 20 buildings designated in 1965 under the City’s new landmarks law. It is the only historic house museum in the Greenwich Village/Soho/NoHo neighborhoods and celebrated 80 years as a museum in 2016.The Museum’s collection of over 3,000 items comprises the possessions of the Tredwells, the wealthy merchant-class family who lived in the House from 1835 to 1933. The collection includes furniture, decorative arts, clothing, photographs and books, household items, and personal items. Highlights include a suite of 12 mahogany side chairs attributed to renowned furniture maker Duncan Phyfe, a pair of matching six-globe gas chandeliers, and 40 dresses and numerous fashion accessories that belonged to the Tredwell women. It is the unique place that undoubtedly worth visiting.
  5. Eric Firestone Loft
    It is a really great art gallery. Eric Firestone Loft is centered on the premise of the art spaces of old New York and offers a unique experience for the viewer to engage with the programming of both contemporary and historic modern exhibitions. Situated in a historic artist live/work building on Great Jones Street, Eric Firestone Loft seeks to engage with the rich past of its surrounding neighborhood, which housed the studios of Walter De Maria and Robert Mapplethorpe, to Jean Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring. The space, still in its relatively raw and unaltered form, evinces a sense of the neighborhood’s heyday in the 1970’s and 80’s. Through a dynamic program schedule, the Loft expands on the gallery’s mission of creating a dialogue between contemporary art practices and the major art movements of the 20th century.

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