Nina Dobrev style guide

Nina Dobrev has an admirers and imitates. What is not surprising, because the star already has a fully formed taste and sense of style in clothes. Each time it generates a unique way. So get Nina Dobrev style guide.

The actress has not yet recognize her status of a new modern style icons. Girl selects actresses who she can learn fashion sense.

 “I like the style of Kate Beckinsale, she always looks amazing, her images are not overloaded. Zoe Saldana chooses bold and stylish images. I also like Diana Agron, Emma Watson, Olivia Wilde, Emma Stone, “- Nina says in an interview.

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Nina looks impressive not only on the red carpet, but also in everyday life. Nina Dobrev style can be described as feminine and at the same time the youth.

Nina Dobrev style on the red carpet

My favorite outfit for the red carpet is slinky dress. Colours actress prefers milk, blue, red, chocolate and classic black. Sometimes the mood is variable, and then the girl wears a dress to the floor. The main thing that would in those and other boards use the original patterns, lace, beads and translucent fabric. To all this, she picks up high-heeled shoes, accessories minimum of jewelry.

Nina admits that over the style for such serious events are dozens of stylists.

Nina Dobrev style on presentations, lunches and parties

When the actress is not only limited to the choice of evening gowns, she prefers cocktail options. But in this case, Nina, does not waive bright, rich colors in her images.

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Nina Dobrev casual style

In ordinary life Nina style can be called a teenage, with a touch of a girl – tomboy, just prefer to use in her images hipster style and casual.
Basically Nina can be seen in jeans and leggings, and to them she picks tops, T-shirts and shirts. When is getting cooler she puts on jacket, cardigan or denim jacket. Loves young starlet short things like shorts and tight such as trousers, accentuating her beautiful figure. Often, the actress can be seen in caps, hats and other headgear, without which she is not your street style. From accessories star prefers scarves and sunglasses rarely chains with pendants and various bracelets on her arm.
From shoes girl prefers ballet flats, because they are not only comfortable, but also more suited to everything, even to the pants, even jeans, even to the skirts and dresses. Sometimes putting on shoes and boots in cowboy style.

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Looking through photos of Nina Dobrev in everyday life, you will notice that there is no call or outrageous vulgarity, only simple and convenient, but it looks well, very stylish!


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