Russia places in Sevastopol 14 fighter planes

To the military airfield Belbek, in annexed Crimea, arriving 14 Russian fighter planes, said the press service of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

“Ten aircraft already have plaque, found in a proper condition and will now perform the tasks in the sky of Crimea. Receipt of aircraft held as part of the placement in the Crimea full group the Armed Forces”, – said the official.

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To Belbek arrive ten modernized Su-27SM and four Su-30.

Russia wants to form a group of troops in the Crimea “because of the situation in Ukraine and the anti-Russian sentiment on the part of NATO”.

Strengthening Russia’s military presence in Crimea began almost immediately after the referendum on joining the Crimea and Sevastopol to Russia. The main priorities of the Ministry of Defense of Russia in the region is to strengthen the coastal defense, aviation and air defense systems.

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In particular, in the Crimea, Russia launched a new artillery regiment, complete with self-propelled howitzers MSTA-S, heavy antitank system Chrysanthemum and multiple launch rocket systems Tornado-G, as well as the division of mobile coastal missile system Bastion-P with cruise missiles Onyx.

In addition, in the Crimea was focused group of army and frontline aviation of Russia in the several tens of aircraft and helicopters, anti-aircraft missile system S-300P and other weapons systems. Also on the peninsula was transferred contingent of Russian land forces with heavy machinery and artillery.

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