The Road to Hell: area near the Donetsk airport in ruins

On the Internet appeared video of the road leading to the airport in Donetsk. In the video, filmed by supporters of the so-called “DNR”, captured the northern edge of the private sector in Donetsk, which is constantly exposed to artillery and mortar fire.

In the footage can be seen that near the airport there is no house, which would not be affected by the shells hit. Many houses destroyed roof, flew glass, and some buildings completely destroyed by fire and are charred skeleton.

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During the military standoff reconnaissance Armed Forces of Ukraine has repeatedly came to the suburbs of Donetsk, but the militants opened fire on them from the heavy artillery.

Now the residential sector is controlled by the militants, almost every street corner you can find the sentinel “DNR”, but civilians have long been rushed to leave their homes.

As a result of the fighting without a roof above the head left tens of thousands ofpeople in Donbass. According to official data, because of the shelling destroyed more than five thousand houses.

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