The United States presented the proof of Russia’s aggression in the Donbas

The representative of the United States presented to the OSCE evidence of a breach of Russia of its obligations under the Minsk agreements and abuse of Russians on the sovereignty of Ukraine.

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Evidence has been presented to the Permanent Council in Vienna by State Department spokesman Daniel Baier.

“The root of the problem in eastern Ukraine remains unchanged: a gross violation of Russian sovereignty of Ukraine and its territorial integrity, as well as failure to comply with the commitments it gave in Minsk”, – he said.

Bayer also said that Russia does not withdraw all illegal armed formations, equipment and fighters from Ukraine, and the separatists took advantage of a pause in the opposition agreed, extending its control beyond the ceasefire line, as defined in the Minsk Agreement.

Also, the US representative noted that the separatists attack increased considerably, especially in positions around the Donetsk airport, Debaltsevo and Mariupol, Donetsk region, as well as to the north-west of the city Lugansk, Russia continues to violate the Ukrainian airspace their helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles.

In addition, he emphasized – Russia failed to regain control Ukrainian government on the Ukrainian side of the international border and not allowed to expand Observer Mission on Russian checkpoints Gukovo and Donetsk.

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The representative of the United States also condemned another Russian convoy of 20 cars, which is a violation of all norms crossed the border with Ukraine on November 16 and recalled the systematic human rights violations in the Crimea, the inability to work of the OSCE mission in the peninsula.

In Washington, he said, are ready to tighten sanctions against Russia if it continues to escalate the conflict.

“The United States continues to support the Minsk agreement and call for their full implementation. We call on Russia to fulfill its international obligations and to immediately stop the illegal actions against Ukraine”, – summed up the head of the US Mission to the OSCE.

It is known that after the Russian occupation of Crimea held several talks in various formats, including the “Geneva” – with the participation of the US, EU, Russia and Ukraine, “Norman” – with the participation of Germany, France, Russia and Ukraine, and the “Minsk” – with the participation of Russia, Ukraine, the EU and the OSCE.

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