Top 5 hotels near The Beacon Theatre in the New York

For those who wants to stay in the New York city after the Ryan Adams concert, we have prepared the list of the best places to stay over. These one below, are the nearest to the Beacon Theater places, where everyone who wants can stay over or continue a trip to the New York City.

Top 5 hotels

  1. The Beacon Hotel
    One of the best variants is the Beacon Hotel, that is located adjacent to the Beacon
    Theatre. The hotel offers more than 270 rooms with a lot of amenities. Also, there are such advantages like a fitness center, business center, cocktail lounge and of course the nearby parking.
  2. NYLO Hotel
    The hotel with modern rooms, alive city views and a lot of perks. Rooms packed with all comforts. In addition, there are two acclaimed restaurants and a bar right in the hotel.
  3. The Milburn Hotel
    The Milburn are a great place to relax and to have a rest after a long day. It includes a lot of conveniences, such as fitness room, lounge center, business center and a lot of nearby attractions.
  4. NYC’s Apartments
    A perfect place to stay over. There are many furnished studios and comfortable rooms. The hotel assures you with all necessary conditions.
  5. New York Bed and Breakfast

A nice place to stay, that is only one minute away. They provide you with comfortable accommodation and meals also.

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